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A Note to Candidates

Thank you for visiting Bremer Associates! We appreciate your interest, and we appreciate your desire to do all you can to prepare for a possible career transition.

If you have already applied to a company, please let us know. You look bad and we look worse if we submit you again, and your chance of getting hired by that company could be reduced to zero.

Please understand that we are a retained and contingent search firm. Our business is driven by finding candidates for our corporate clients—the companies who request and remunerate our services. We are not a placement firm whose work is to find positions for job seekers.  We succeed because we recognize that qualified candidates are an integral part of the recruitment process. If your experience is in chemistry, chemical engineering, biofuels, nanotechnology, material science, downstream oil & gas or petrochemicals, you may well want to talk to us—and we want to talk with you.

Please feel free to submit a resume of your qualifications if you wish to be considered for one of our positions. We usually have searches that have not yet been posted, and some of the requirements may be flexible. If you believe that your background would be of interest to us, feel free to email us your resume. We appreciate receiving your resume as an email attachment, preferably in Word. We will acknowledge each resume we receive with an email reply.

If you have any questions, please email them to us.

Best wishes with your career!

Preparing Your Resume

The best resume is the one that states in your own words what you have done, for whom you did it, and what it involved. Convey your experience and accomplishments clearly, simply, concisely, and accurately. Capture attention with a leading summary of your accomplishments and acquired skills.


  • List work experience in reverse chronological order to show your most recent employment first. Include the dates for each position and each degree.
  • Use standard, 12-point fonts and minimal formatting.
  • Use metrics instead of adjectives. ("I managed a $500M budget. Six Harvard MBA's were my direct reports for this project" gives more information than "I was given significant and challenging leadership opportunities.")
  • Mention specific technologies, organizations, publications, and patents with which you have worked. (Don't forget to mention that old Nobel Prize, even if it was a few years ago!)
  • Lists are good. So are bullets, as long as they are not little dollar signs or flowers. Instead of listing all of your software expertise in a long-running paragraph, use columns to set each one apart.


We transfer resumes to our letterhead, and usually call and ask you for additional information before forwarding them to clients. This changes the page layout, so don’t work on making it perfect—only for us to adjust it by an inch or two.

Ways to Submit

Please send us your resume via one of the methods listed below. You must include contact information for us to be able to reach you.


  • Our first preference is that you submit your resume as an e-mail attachment in the form of an MSWord document (.doc not PDF) from our contact form.
  • If you are unable to send in .doc format, we are also able to read .rtf (rich text format) files.