Our Team

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Michele Bremer

Michele Bremer loves people and ideas and especially matching the two together. She has done nutrition research and taught university biology courses. She also wrote experimental format textbooks for nearly twenty years before switching to technical recruiting. Her first search resulted in sourcing a retiring four-star Air Force General to a communications company.

Michele has recruited world-class talent for positions in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, chemicals, power, energy, environmental engineering, the Internet, and information technology. Her technology recruits include aerodynamicists, turbo-machinery engineers, biotech chemists, transgenic protein engineers, catalyst designers, chemical engineers, materials chemists, and internet engineers. For technology clients she has also recruited C-level leadership in R&D, engineering, finance, marketing, national operations, and overseas operations.

Michele studied math and science, with a Sarah Lawrence College BA, a Columbia University MS, and a University of Massachusetts Ph.D.

Joanna Nash

Joanna has an irrational love for tedium, craves a challenge, and takes great pride in her work…as long as it produces results. She has been in a variety of workplaces, including international experience for two years performing aid work for refugees in Athens, Greece.

Joanna studied political science, literature, and philosophy, with a BA from the University of Mobile and an MA from the University of Dallas.

Lee Smith

Lee is a highly accomplished chemical and environmental process design engineer with over 20 years experience in design, engineering, R&D, start-up, and field troubleshooting. He is a specialist in technology gatekeeping, evaluation, transfer, process design and optimization through simulations and pinch analysis.

Known as the “House Detective,” Lee finds economical solutions for difficult technical problems, saving companies hundreds of millions of dollars. He is currently an independent process technology consultant

Lee has a B.S. and Masters in chemical engineering from Cornell and a Ph.D. in environmental engineering from the University of Cincinnati.

Tim Pierce

Tim Pierce specializes in consultation to companies in need of advice on Asia Pacific and Strategic Direction setting. He was appointed General Manager and Vice President, Asia Pacific, of Invitrogen in November 2000. Prior to the merger of Life Technologies into Invitrogen he served as General Manager and Vice President, Asia-Pacific, of Life Technologies, Inc. from 1990 to 2000. Mr. Pierce received a B.A. from Kenyon College and a Ph.D. from the University of Rochester.